Long ago, the ancients ate some rotten meat. Some threw up. Others died. They put some salt on it. They could eat the food then. When ice became part of their life, they rejoiced. Hooray. Uncooked out of the fridge meat is bad, it will kill you. And now, many modern years later, we eat bloodless, leeched packs of meat inside very cold shops. A few years ago I spent a month in France WWOOFing (look it up) and at one stage i stayed in a 13th C chateau (sp?) and was flabbergasted at how they left their meat out all day long, all week long, and how fucking awesome and incredible the food was, esp the meat. honestly, they left these slabs of flesh lying around their 13th C kitchen, the dogs were even in the kitchen, and we;d come in after a 3 hour ride and the lady of the house would wash her hands, go over to the meat slabs, lean into the tray and talk to the pieces in baby french and then slip slap the stuff around, using a more brutal sounding language. So now, a few years later in SA, we’re all oo 28 days aged and stuff, but do you know how that happens - the process is gross, the enzymes are having a little party, breaking up all the proteins and stuff, ingesting each other. anyway today, i am like soo Liberal (that’s a capital if you’ve grown up White English South African, a friend recently called me a Pinko… hahahha) and i am looking at all our food today and it’s about 37 degrees and we don’t have a fridge at our new venue and i am thinking: how comfortable do i actually feel about not fridgeing the food? luckily, we have bags and bags and bags of ice and cooked pork belly and some trout and, i think, that the only thing that could possibly go off is the caviar. (does anyone know the answer to it? I mean, it’s an egg… from the far North?) so i put it on a bag of ice. and i’ll let y’all know tomoro how it went down. K