Being a pop-up restaurant has its disadvantages.

1) Changing venues. While this may seem like fun (bakkies and the like) we have a collected 5 degrees between 2 of us (I personally have an additional 7 First Year credits from various unfinished courses, all of which have enriched my life, greatly) and are basically not designed for manual labour.

2) Weather. Tonight is CANCELLED due to rain! Last night I watched the rain falling from a box - yes that is grammatically correct. The Box was at The Races, and I sipped chardonnay and quietly panicked about the weather forecast for Wednesday eve. At 7h05 am I checked the Weather Forecast and it read: Showers between 5 - 8 pm, and Constant Drizzle between 8 and 11pm. As both our venues are OUTSIDE, I cancelled tonight.

3) Losing your camera cord. When u move around a lot, you lose things. Hence the no pictures thing. Will be rectified soon, with some device called An SD Card Reader. I am sure I will lose that too.

3.1) FUCK! I’ve also lost my camera cord. (Jono)